Retail Pricing

Avocado Retail Prices by City, Variety and Pack Type - 1 February 2017 (Click title to access PDF)

Retail price plays a very important role in determining the efficiency of the avocado supply chain. Price has a direct impact on how well fruit flows through the supply chain and consequently on fruit quality. 

If retail prices are at a level that reduces sales, then at high production times of the year this can cause a build-up of fruit which consequently causes quality issues.

The Avocado Retail Price Report is prepared by Avocados Australia each week by accessing on-line avocado retail price information from available sources.  

Avocado retail price information from Coles and Woolworths is regularly available.  Independent Supermarket and Independent Fruit and Vegetable retail price information is reported on-line periodically and will be included when it is available. 

These reports are produced as part of Project AV15004 funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the avocado industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.